Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Joe & Celia DeSousa

We were impressed with Paul's plan to get our home sold. Everything was well organized and it was less stressful than we expected. His experience really showed and his negotiating skills are very impressive. We got a great price and are very happy.

By: Joe & Paula Brewda

Paul explained excellent strategies for pricing and marketing our home and they helped get our home sold.

By: Curtis Fagan

This was our first time selling a home. Paul explained everything and made the whole process go smoothly.

By: Roza Krajewski

We have a unique property which was difficult to sell. Paul kept working away until it was sold. What great service. We highly recommend him.

By: Kumar Somasundram

Paul was available weekends, evenings and even returned our call on his day off. That level of service is hard to find. If you are thinking of moving, call Paul Cooper. He is excellent!

By: John Dosonsa

Something that really impressed us about Paul Cooper was he worked with us through the whole process. We didn't get passed off to an assistant or team member. If great service is important to you, call Paul.

By: Gerry & Berniece Begley

Paul helped us understand the process and forms involved in buying and selling. He wanted us to understand everything before making decisions. We highly recommend him.

By: Edger Williams & Joyce M. Williams

We have used Paul for the second time, and are very pleased always.

By: Rohan & Jonett Brown

One of the things that really impressed us with Paul was his ability to explain the options for each situation so we could make good decisions. This was extremely helpful as we didn't understand a lot of the rules and procedures for buying and selling.

By: David & Barbara Riberdy

Paul generated multiple offers for us and we sold over list price. What a great experience!

By: Lou & Sheridan Bagatto

We were confused with the new reports about the market. Paul explained everything to us and also some strategies to get our home sold quickly.

By: Stan Colantonio

We sold our home for more than the appraised value. Paul was able to negotiate an amazing price. The process was fascinating and watching Paul negotiate for us was very impressive.

By: Nick & Faye Niarchos

We've seen Paul Cooper's name all over town for years and decided to call him. His experience and knowledge helped us tremendously and we are giving his name to family and friends.

By: Barb Francis

Paul Cooper is just wonderful! We simply cannot say enough about how positive our experience was with him. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, east to talk to and genuinely interested in helping us find the right home. We always felt at ease with Paul. He went out of his way to assist us throughout the entire home buying process and never made us feel pressured to make a decision. He understands the market well and helped us secure the right home at a time when it's been so challenging for many. We are go glad that we were able to work with Paul and cannot recommend him highly enough!

By: Kamran & Saadia Malik

We were getting frustrated looking online for properties as they were already sold when we called. When we met with Paul he had a plan to help us get into properties before they sold and we found our dream home.

By: Wayne & Rose Massey

We're empty nesters and want to downsize. Paul had a plan to sell our house and to help find us something we liked. He was always very professional and did an excellent job.