Highway 407

Highway 407 is a tolled 400 series highway in Ontario, it is pronounced four-oh-seven and is a privately operated tollway. This highway is officially known as the 407 Express Toll Route "407 ETR". The route begins at the junction of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and Highway 403 in Burlington and travels 107.3 km across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to Highway 7 and Brock Road in Pickering.
A provincially owned extension to the 407 ETR, known as Highway 407 East or 407E is currently under construction. The freeway that is 65km will be built in 2 phases. These phases include a 22 km extension to Harmony Road in Oshawa, as well as Highway 412, is scheduled to open in 2015. A further 43 km extension to Highway 35 and Highway 115, as well as Highway 418, is a scheduled to open in 2020.