Clients’ Comments


Paul always took time to explain things to us even though we knew he was really busy… What great service!
Rick & Shana Mortimer-Gibson


It was awesome that Paul also promoted our property on Zoocasa, Kijiji, and Re/, we wanted as many buyers to know about our home as possible.
Mike & Megan Redden


Paul worked relentlessly until our house was sold. We’re very impressed and will tell everyone what a great job he did for us.
Bart & Ewelina Drozdziewicz


We’ve watched Paul sell homes all over Whitby for a long time.  We decided to call him and we were very impressed with his strategies to sell our home and buy our next home.  He explained things the other realtors didn’t even mention.
Riyaz & Naaz Ladak


We heard on the news the Real Estate market was down but Paul sold our home for a great price.
Emily Grasser


A lot of the for sale signs around us haven’t sold.  We got a great price and our house sold quickly.  Thanks for a great job.
Brian & Gwen Bongard


We had heard the Paul Cooper was the person to call if you’re going to move. He had a plan to sell our house and another plan to help find our new home. Everything went smoothly and we’re very happy with the service Paul provided for us.
Mark & Nancy Pinder


We checked into Paul’s experience and track record on his website were impressed with his credentials and years of customer testimonials. When excellent service and parofessionalisn. We have deeply appreciated Paul’s services. He did everything in a professional way. We are happy. Thanks Paul.
Flaubert Tshidimu


We really appreciate the regular updates from Paul and feedback from the buyer’s after they looked at our house. Other agents we’ve worked with in the past didn’t provide any of those services.
Marya Niaz


Paul had a plan to sell our house. He negotiated a great deal for us and then did it again when we bought. What a great experience.
Uzma Butt


Paul Provided us with all the information we needed to make quality decisions. He also updated us regularly, which was very helpful. We highly recommend him.
Dan & Sorina Cuperman


We had a lot of questions about financing, the buying and selling process, negotiating and home inspections. Paul answered all of our questions and also provided insight into pricing strategy and multiple offers. His experience and knowledge was extremely helpful. We also really appreciated his ability to get things done without wasting time.
Jon Crawford


Everything Paul told us he would do, he did. The weekly updates were very helpful and the photographer also did a great job.
Alana Bull


People we know had worked with Paul and told us he did an excellent job. Now we’re telling people what a great job he did for us.
Peter DiLuciano & Louise Chow


Paul helped us understand the market. We were hearing different reports in the media and were confused as to our best options. Paul explained everything and showed us a strategy to get top dollar for our house and it worked!
Benno Siggus


Paul’s service was excellent. We will recommend him to our family and friends. Very honest & straightforward with all his dealings.
Eliab & Nelly Angeles


Now we know why Paul has such a great reputation. He treated us like we were his only clients and made sure everything was done properly and on time. Outstanding personal service! Wonderful!!
Sonny & Janet Landry


After working with other Realtors in the past, it was nice to have someone who updated us regularly and kept us in the loop during the selling process.
Colleen Bakermans


Paul is extremely efficient. He only focused on the things to get us top dollar for our house. No double talk or wasting time. It was a great experience.
Thanks Paul for a great job.
Marianna Papaleo


We had heard about Paul Cooper’s excellent reputation but we didn’t understand how great his service was until we worked with him.
Eric Buxton


We’ve bought and sold homes in the past but we’ve never met a realtor with the knowledge and negotiating skills that Paul has. We highly recommend him.
Marco Rodrigues & Nadia Nazilla


After interviewing several agents, it was obvious that Paul’s knowledge and experience were head and shoulders above the other agents.
David Johnson


We didn’t understand the process and Paul explained everything to us so we could make the right decisions. He made it easy to understand which we really appreciated.
Regine D.


Paul showed us how to generate top dollar for our house. A lot of thing he explained to us were never mentioned to us by other realtors we spoke to.
Helen Shurepa


Paul’s commitment to his clients is amazing. He even returned our calls on his day off. Talk about service!!!
Ray Miller


After working with Paul Cooper we know why he’s in such high demand. He did a great job for us.
Gerald Hemond


If you like working with professional people call Paul Cooper. He’s an excellent agent.
Muneshwar & Rishi Deoram


Paul is so knowledgeable he handled every aspect of our sale without any stress to us.
Rearden & Faraneh Andrade


If you’re thinking of moving call Paul Cooper. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
John and Peggy Greb


Paul returned our calls quickly which we appreciate since we are also very busy.
Steve and Lisa Ross


Paul is a very hard worker. I guess that’s why he sells so many homes.
Jennifer Wilson


Paul Cooper understands the meaning of quality customer service. It was such a great experience we’re going to recommend him to everyone we know.
Peter and Joy Ominoyan


Trust is very important to us and Paul is 100% honest and gets results. It’s nice to know some people understand what great service is all about.
Andy and Lisa Katsargiris


Paul worked relentlessly until our home was sold. Hard work definitely paid off.
Ted Debrincat


Our schedules are very hectic and Paul didn’t waste our time at any point. What great service!
Sara Rossall


If Paul promiese something, he delivers. Thanks for doing an outstanding job for us.
Rhonda Holloway


Now we know why Paul has been a top realtor for almost 30 years. His knowledge is amazing.
Dr. Tripat Gill


Working with Paul Cooper was a Joy. Paul made everything run smoothly.Constant professional who always kept me updated. Thanks for helping sell my home so fast.
David Thompson


In the past we’ve spoken to other realtors but they didn’t have the passion for excellent service, which is important to us. Paul’s service is incredible.
Paul and Julia Griffiths


We checked out Paul Cooper’s website and we knew immediately we wanted to work with him.
Kari Weeden


SOLD. Paul Cooper will have this word on your lawn in record time
Michaela Wilson


List with Paul Cooper – he will work diligently until the sold sign sits on your lawn.
Kristen M. and Shelly Y.


What a pleasure it is to work with a professional. Paul Cooper is number one in real estate whether buying or selling. We are proud to say that we are one of his clients.
Jason & Laura Mizzi


We’re on the move. Paul sold our home for over our asking price and we are thrilled. Thank you Paul for your expertise.
Doug & Karen Cooper (no relation)


No Automated messages, no waiting for hours/days to hear back from an agent. Paul was in constant communication with us as we searched for a new home.
Joe Aquilina


Most successful businesses are built on repeat and referral business. We will definitely be referring Paul Cooper to our family and friends.
Si Yang


SOLD – what a relief. We had our house listed before and it didn’t sell. When we listed relisted with Paul Cooper before we could turn around, our house sold. Hire the best, we did! Thank you Paul.
Beata Zeranska


Paul’s experience and track record are impressive. The results he achieves are outstanding. When choosing a realtor don’t settle for second best. Call Paul Cooper, you will be glad you did.
Santo Constantino


Paul Cooper is honest and trustworthy. If he promises something, he will deliver on his promise.
Gord Ferris


Paul is extremey efficient. He doesn’t waste time which we appreciate since we are also busy people.
Bonnie Tonello


Paul communicated with us regularly with updates, feedback and ideas. What great service!
Kim Buadwal


Paul provides the best staging, photography, service, experience and knowledge. All this at a reasonable rate.
Chris & Sherill Difelice


We noticed on Paul’s website he has customer testimonials going back along time. Obviously he has built a very successful business by satisfying many clients.
Randy & Joanne Knott


Paul totally satisfied our real estate needs. We highly recommend him.
Alan & Hilary Coleman


If you are looking for excellent service call Paul Cooper. He simply is the best realtor in the Durham Region.
Mr. & Mrs. Rac


Professional service. Outstanding results. Paul is the best agent we have ever worked with. We sold our home for over the asking price.
Ron & Elenore Barry 


It was important to us to work with someone we could trust. Paul constantly impressed us with his knowledge and work ethic. He also helped negotiate a great deal for us.
Michael Redden & Megan Strait


Paul works very hard for his clients and delivers great results! Thanks again Paul for a job well done.
Mary Balis & Nick Manioudakis


Paul updated us regularly, returned our calls quickly and answered all of our questions – what great service.
Elliott & Charmayne Richards


The efficiency with which Paul looks after his clients is impressive. We highly recommend him.
David & Rebecca Peacock


Paul Cooper is an expert in real estate. His competance in pricing, marketing and negotiating helped us obtain a great price for our home and it also sold quickly.
Doug & Pat Anderson


Paul Cooper is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Even more impressive are the results he delivers.
Jennifer Sorzano


Call Paul today and sell your house tomorrow.
Edwin & Natalie Janser


Paul returned our calls promptly, answered all of our questions and updated us regularly, excellent service.
Greg Martin


Paul is an honest, trustworthy person. He did everything he said he would and provided excellent service.
Herbert & Jessica Anderson


Paul was recommended to us through friends as the only agent to call. We are so glad we did, as his expertise and understanding of the current market is next to none. Excellent!!
Maureen Wait


The houses around us still aren’t sold. We are getting ready to move into our new home. Thanks Paul.
Una Spadaro


A friend of ours recommended Paul and after meeting with him we were very impressed with his knowledge and his program for selling.
Frank Spagnuolo


Our home wouldn’t sell, so we called on Paul Cooper’s advice and expertise and re-listed with him. Our home was staged through him and it sold within a couple of days. We highly recommend Paul Cooper!
Vijay Kaushal


Work with the best agent in town. Work with Paul Cooper as his knowledge of the market is outstanding. Thank you Paul, for selling our home so quickly.
Zal Mohamed


Have we got the agent for you! Paul Cooper, how can we ever thank you enough for the quick efficient sale of our home? We highly recommend Paul to everyone and anyone who is in the market to sell their home.
John & Ille – Mai Gerdels


As we are busy people, we weren’t certain that we had the time to list our house for sale (although it wasin the cards to move). We discussed our concerns with Paul and before we knew it, the sign on the lawn was reading “SOLD”. Paul, we are so grateful to you! Thank you.
Marianna Papaleo


Do your research and find the best real estate agent in the business when it comes to selling your home, Paul Cooper is the best.
Ken and Gillian Davis


What are you waiting for? Get Moving! Call Paul Cooper today for the best results in selling your home. Thank you Paul.
Bernice Anderson


Thinking of selling your home? Why not call the best agent in Whitby? We did and it proved to be the best decision we ever made. Thank you Paul.
Sylvia Ryan


Paul had a plan for selling and buying. We sold our home for a great price and are looking forward to moving into our new home.
Riyaz & Naaz Ladak


We had worked with other agents in the past. Paul Cooper showed us what professional service is all about.
Harvey Russell


We’ve sold houses in the past and the agents weren’t very professional. Paul knew the market and all the strategies to help us get our home sold.
Yuan & Si Yang


If you want honest straight forward service call Paul Cooper now. He’s an excellent Realtor.
Deborah Carpenter


We were very impressed with Paul Cooper and we will recommend him to our friends.
Eddie Wong


Paul was excellent. He did everything he said he would. What great service!
Gabe Warne


There are so many agents who are inexperienced or part-time. Paul Cooper is a full-time 25-year veteran. He showed us why he has won all those awards.
Sal Elgheriani


Paul explained his plan to get top dollar quickly. He did everything he promised and our house sold right away for the asking price.
Sandy Owen


Paul’s service and attention to detail are excellent. We’ve worked with other agents in the past. What a relief to work with a true professional!
George & leva Millers


Despite the tough current economic conditions, Paul sold our house for top dollar quickly.
Marcel and Carol McKinely


Paul provided so many things other agents don’t. Free staging, colour feature sheets. a full advertising program, professional pictures and virtual tour, complete internet presence, weekly feedback, house sold for top dollar. Why call anyone else!
A. Kordic


We interviewed several agents before listing our house. Paul’s track record and service was so far ahead of the others the choice was easy.
Novlyn White


We heard it wasn’t a !!ood real estate market but Paul sold our house for too dollar.
Vlodek & Ann Wlodzimierz


We noticed Paul’s listings were selling while all the other ones just sat there. He showed us his detailed plan to sell our house quickly for top dollar and now we’re sold too! Thanks Paul.
Ingrid Damsbaek


Paul and the stager made some suggestions and our home sold right away for top dollar.
Nicole Bedard


There were some challenges getting our house sold but Paul got the job done.
Alex David


We had our home listed before with another agent. That company did nothing. Paul provided so many services we couldn’t believe it, and our house sold right away.
Maisie Hopkins


Paul has a detailed plan for selling and buying which saved us lost of time and helped us buy the house of our dreams and get our existing house sold.
George & Denise May


Paul really truly cared about selling, as far as we are concerned we would choose Paul to anyone. Thanks so much for all your help.
Dawn Thompson


Paul offered so many products and services which other agents don’t and the results and experience to back it up.
Wade & Lynn Cook


Our real estate experiences in the past were not good. It was such a pleasure to deal with a professional. We will recommend Paul to families and friends.
Steve & Joleen McKay


Paul gave us regular feedback, kept us updated on market conditions and answered all of our questions. We really appreciate the excellent service.
Rondell Roberts & Fadia Chamady


We had our house listed with another agent but we had no offers and hardly any showings. Paul got our house sold for top dollar quickly. We will recommend Paul to our family and friends.
Gar Ng and Phyllis Yan


Even though the market was a little tougher, Paul brought an offer which he was able to negotiate the sale of our house.
Alex Whorms


Paul showed us some great ideas to make our house sell while all the houses around us are still not sold.
Syed Shah


In the past, selling our home was not a good experience. Then we were introduced to Paul Cooper and proved us wrong. His knowledge, integrity and honest approach made selling our home a great experience. Thank you Paul.

Frank & Joyce Plourde

This was our first time selling a home. Paul helped us throughout the process and answered all of our questions. What a relief! Thanks Paul
Toni Rinaldi


We had seen Paul’s name before and decided to call. He was professional, knowledgeable and helped us sell our home for the price we wanted.
Phillip Keates


Paul had a detailed plan to sell our home and it worked. Now we know why he is the top agent in the area.
Mario Moysa


With all the bad news in the media, we thought it was a bad time to sell but Paul showed us his plan to help us sell for our price and now we’re sold.
Reg Bell


Want to sell you house? Do some research and find the number one agent in the business. Paul Cooper is that agent.
Margaret Jones


Weare so enthralled with Paul Cooper as our real estate agent. The Sold sign was on our lawn so quickly that the sleepless nights we had anticipated did not happen. We -highly recommend Paul Cooper.
Josh & Karen Feltham


Professional, knowledgeable, hardworking. Paul Cooper sold our house when other agents couldn’t. Thank you Paul.
Michael Antonini


“The frequent advertising that you ran in the local newspapers and your professionalism made it possible to find a buyer and complete our sale in record time.”
Jim & Judy Manolakos


“Sold! We still can’t believe that our house sold so quickly. When you hire the best agent in Whitby for two consecutive years running, it certainly pays to do your homework!”
Jim Wagner


“‘If you want a job done, give it to a busy person.’ This adage proved itself with Paul Cooper. The best in the business.”
Karen McEachern


“Paul helped us find a beautiful new home in a great location. The facts were made promptly available and no time was wasted in finding us a dream home. His work truly speaks for itself!”
Frank & Piera Vitale


“Time is of the essence. If you want your house sold, call on Paul Cooper – he gets the job done.”
Emmanuel Baston


“Why not partner with the best when it comes to the most important investment in your life? We did. Paul Cooper sold our home and skillfully found us the house that we had always wanted. Thank you Paul.”
Lucy Ricca


“The number one agent in Whitby sold our house in record time. Go with the best, partner with Paul Cooper.”
Ian Wood


“Thanks Paul for your professional approach with regard to selling our home. It was a huge move for us after all these years. You were there at a moments notice to answer our concerns and questions.”
Tim Pike


“Paul was able to get us exactly what we had hoped for our home. He always called us back quickly and didn’t pressure us.”
June Callaghan


“Our friends recommended that we call Paul Cooper to sell our house — we’re glad we did! No wonder he has been the top agent in Whitby for the past two years! Outstanding service!”
Andrew and Rebecca MacDonald


“Paul Cooper came highly recommended as a fantastic real estate agent from one of his previous clients who are friends of ours. It is so refreshing to find an agent who is reliable, credible and honest. Partnering with Paul in the sale of our home was an incredible experience. Thank you Paul.”
Darren Chaulk and Laura Perry


“With Paul Cooper’s knowledge and advice, we listed our home for sale … it sold within a week and we were thrilled! Paul, you are amazing. Thank you so very much.”
Byron and Belinda Woodford


“If you want to sell your house quickly and efficiently, call on Paul Cooper. He is the best in the business – his credentials speak for themselves! Thanks for a great job Paul.”
Kari Weeden


“Driving around our town of Whitby, we noticed that “Paul Cooper’s” name appeared on so many SOLD signs; we knew he was the agent for us. Hard work and determination has made Paul Cooper the #1 agent in Whitby for more than two years. Hire the best, we did! Thank you Paul.”
Pierre and Olivine Rouleau


“Paul Cooper is a bona fide expert in real estate. Sell your home stress free and hire Paul. Thanks for an incredible job in selling our home so quickly!”
Joe & Phylis DeSouza


“The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well. This is Paul’s secret. Top agent in his field. Thank you Paul.”
Monique Homer


“We thought the hardest move of our lives would be to put our family home up for sale as we are now empty nesters. Paul Cooper has made it a breeze with his thoughtful consideration and devotion to us as his clients. We sold our home and are happily moving on. Thank you Paul, for everything.”
Paul and Judith Murray


“Paul possesses the highest level of service and commitment to his clients. He proved to us why he has been and remains the Top Agent in Whitby.”
Andrew & Tina Balchand


“As an expert in Home Sales trends Paul suggested where we could improve on our home before listing it. A fresh coat of paint boosted our selling price – and it worked. Thank you Paul for your honesty and expertise.”
Lyn & Wendy Kimmett


“When you need to sell your home, hire the best Agent in Whitby. We did and not only did Paul Cooper sell our house quickly but also for more than our asking price.”
Adam & Alisa Eichelberger


“Paul Cooper. Top Real Estate Agent in Whitby! Why call anyone else?”
Syed Mazier Hosseine


“We found an Agent who expertly determined the correct selling price, used an effective Marketing Strategy and was able to anticipate and solve any problems that could have arisen during the selling process … that Agent was Paul Cooper. Thank you Paul for your expertise and dedication to us.”
Jenna Smith


“Paul Cooper is dedicated and professional with his focus set on your criteria & goals in selling your home. We were extremely satisfied with the results of our transaction with him.”
Ken & Marie McInnes


“With his keen business sense and extensive knowledge of our community, Paul Cooper is number one in our books. With his high level of service and commitment, Paul sold our house in record time. We highly recommend Paul Cooper to anyone who is interested in getting the job done!”
Matt & Lucia Barrese


“Paul Cooper helped us find our new home. He found us exactly what we were looking for very quickly. He didn’t waste our time showing us homes that weren’t suited to us. We’ll definitely call him when it’s time to move again.”
Tanya Walwalski


“With Paul Cooper’s savvy marketing expertise and the positioning of our home on the market, proved why he is the number one agent in Whitby for two years running. If you want expediency in the sale of your home, call on Paul.”
Ellen Murray


“Paul is knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable. He works hard behind the scene and impressed me by selling my house in less than a week. I would recommend Paul to everyone in need of a Real Estate Agent.”
Joe Aquilina


“We wanted it all – the right home, the right location, the right price and time was of essence. So, we hired Paul and accomplished all of the above. Paul Cooper will be recommended by us for many years to come.”
Chris Pike


“Paul Cooper’s great service and hard work sold our home. Our neighbours recommended Paul because we wanted a trustworthy and dependable professional who would get us great results. Paul was all of the above and more. Thank you Paul.”
Mike Toillon


“Paul prepared a personalized plan which included every avenue he would use to sell our home. Quite impressive – his knowledge and expertise is incredible. Thank you Paul for your time and consideration in selling our home.”
Rachel Marchio


“Paul suggested that we make a small investment in repairs, decor and organization to update our home before listing it. We followed his advice and our home sold for thousands of dollars more than we dreamed. The old adage ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ rings true. Thank you Paul, for your expertise in selling our home.”
Kevin and Reva McLellan


“We did our ‘homework’ and found the best Real Estate Agent in Durham, Paul Cooper. Make selling your home a smooth and painless transaction by calling on Paul Cooper today.”
Azhar and Uzma Syed


“Paul Cooper priced our home so well that it generated competitive offers which drove up our selling price. We are speechless and so thankful to you Paul.”
Suri Nava


“Paul so effeciently marketed our home that it sold quickly, we were amazed. His sills are next to none. Thank you Paul.”
Maria Wallis


“Paul Cooper is an expert in his field. We’ve seen his name in the Durham area for many years and called upon him to sell our home. He accomplished this efficiently and professionally….he also knew exactly what we were looking for in a house and helped us find the right fit. Thank you so much Paul!”
Laurie Blank


“Paul explained to us the process of pricing our home – if it is too low, it may sell too quickly – if it is too high, it may not sell at all. He was bang on with the listing price and it sold with multiple offers. Thank you Paul.”
Glen and Karen Noyon


“Paul is strongly dedicated to be the best. Honesty and building trust with us (his clients’), was very apparent that it meant the utmost to him. Thank you Paul for selling our house. You are truly an expert in your field.”
Ed and Joyce Williams


“‘Sold’…the word is synonymous with Paul Cooper.”
Natalie Carter


“Because Paul Cooper knew the Real Estate values in our neighbourhood, he was right on in establishing a great marketing strategy. Along with this, his extensive experience as a premier negotiator gave us the advantage to have him sell our current home, and also act as our Agent on the purchase of our new home. We partnered with the best Agent in Whitby. Thank you Paul.”
Jeannie Doody


“Looking to sell your home? Why not call on the Number One Agent in Whitby? We did, and it proved to be the best decision we’d ever made. Paul Cooper is a success story.”
Marty Kania


“When partnering with a Real Estate Agent, why not have them work for you on both selling and purchasing? Paul Cooper understood our needs and desires and filled them both with his extensive knowledge of the area and expertise of the market. Paul made both transactions run so smoothly. Thank you Paul.”
Shelley Doobay


“Knowledgable, professional, sincere, honest…that’s what we were looking for in an Agent who could sell our home. Thank goodness we found all of these qualities and more in Paul Cooper.”
Alaric Mitchell


“If you want a great real estate agent call Paul Cooper!”
Rishi Deoram


“Paul told us exactly what we could expect as a selling price for our house and he was bang on. He returned our calls quickly and negotiated a great offer for us.”
Roger & Marilyn Faulkner


“We are busy people and one of the things we appreciated about Paul was he didn’t waste our time. He kept us abreast of every aspect of the sale of our house and always returned our calls promptly. Exactly what you would expect from a true professional.”
Michal Weirzbinski


“We knew Paul Cooper had a great reputation for service so we decided to work with him. He had a plan to get our house sold and it worked! He answered all our questions and even had a plan to find our new home. Thanks Paul.”
Paul & Pat Hogan


“We interviewed several agents and Paul Cooper was by far the most professional. He had a detailed plan to get our house sold and provided excellent service.”
Allan & Karen Johnson


“With all the agents out there how do you know who to call? We know Paul has been the #1 agent in Whitby for the last two years. Now we know why!”
Ganesh & Natalie Permessar


“Paul Cooper had a plan to get our home sold for top dollar and quickly. It sold for more than the asking price in less than one week. Paul did everything he said he would do and returned our calls promptly every time. If you want an honest, hard working realtor, call Paul Cooper. We’re glad we did!”
Rob & Tammy York


“We were worried that our house was too outdated to be appealing to today’s real estate market but after a few suggestions from Paul, we made a few minor changes and we got close to what we were originally thinking of asking! His advice and willingness to make time definitely helpted in the sale of our home.”
Peter Bandula


“Paul Cooper did a fantastic job in selling my home. He was always considerate of my concerns and focused on making sure I was up-to-date and informed in all my transactions that occured during the sale of my property. I’ll make sure to keep his phone number for future personal use and for referrals.”
Jill West
Whitby, ON

“Paul Cooper’s extensive knowledge of the current housing market in the Durham Region proved to be bang on. Our home sold quickly and we were completely satisfied with the results of our transaction with him. Thank you Paul.”
Joe & Gail Hubbard
Whitby, ON

“My husband and I would like to express our appreciation to Paul Cooper for his display of respect and integrity in selling our home. Paul stood out above other agents we have used in teh past. Paul’s knowledge and experience of selling homes for top dollar was certainly recognizable. Paul truly exemplifies strong commitment to giving you peace of mind and selling your home quickly. It was truly a pleasure to work with such a top notch agent.”
Andy & Anna Denny
Whitby, ON

“I was referred by a friend to work with Paul Cooper when selling my home. He was dependable and was always in the picture, giving one hundred and ten percent all the time to ensure that my house was not only sold quickly, but for an excellent price. I’m glad I made the choice to work with Paul and I will definitely be referring him to my friends and family when they’re buying or selling.”
Brett & Judy Marchand
Whitby, ON

“Paul, I just wanted to thank you for the superb job you did selling my house. I could not have been more delighted with the way things turned out. It was a pleasure to deal with someone as knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.”
David & Sallia Fitzpatrick
Whitby, ON

“Paul gave us advice on how to get our home ready to sell. We listed our home after following his tips and we were surprised with the incredible feedback we received from people who had seen our home. We sold it quickly for a great price! We couldn’t have ased for more.”
Alana Bull
Whitby, ON

“Honest, hardworking, focused-only a few words that describe our realtor Paul Cooper. He was always there for us if we had any questions and he never wasted our time, he got straight to the point. His knowledge of the current real estate market only confirmed that we had chosen the right sales representative to sell our home.”
Michelle Debattista
Whitby, ON

“Paul Cooper is a true professional! he went beyond the call of duty to ensure that our interests/concerns were at the top of his list regarding the sale of our home. He listened, acted and worked with us as one team. Paul Cooper can be trusted and we hope other people in need of real estate help call him.”
Robyn Rudolph
Oshawa, ON

“Paul Cooper means business! His customer service is exceptional and professionalism is the bottom line. His friendly assistance and determination got us the price we were aiming for in the sale of our home and we will definitely use him for a third time when we decide to move.”
Maureen Gooder
Whitby, ON

“Paul Cooper stands out from the rest! For first class service and successful results, go with Paul. He is committed to your satisfaction.”
Vimal & Devika Wickramasingh
Whitby, ON

“I decided it was time to sell my home but I wasn’t very familiar with the current real estate market. I had seen Paul’s signs before in my neighbourhood so I gave him a call. He made all procedures clear to me and I was very comfortable working with him. If you’re looking for a dependable realtor, Paul is the agent you need.”
Rosemary Cairns
Whitby, ON

“To say Paul Cooper did a good job selling our home would be an understatement – he did a fantastic job! Not only was he honest and to the point but his strategic and thorough approach to advertising and selling our home got us fast and satisfying results.”
Laurie Peterkin
Whitby, ON

“Paul Cooper has the business skills that enable him to make the art of negotiation work for you. Paul went to work and made it happen for us and we’re positive anyone he works with will be just as satisified!”
Brent Piper
Oshawa, ON

“When you are planning to move, Paul is the agent you need! He is honest, dependable and hardworking. His good repuation and success has earned him repeat business from referrals and past clients. Paul gets results!”
Reardon & Shaffina Andrade
Whitby, ON

“We just bought a home through Paul Cooper. He didn’t waste our time showing us houses we didn’t want to see. He also negotiated a great price for us. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends.”
Chris & Diane Lewer
Whitby, ON

“We greatly appreciate Paul Cooper’s excellent service. Our move was less stressful than we anticipated and we got the price we wanted. Paul will be recommended to our family and friends when they plan to move.”
Steve & Maureen Gooder
Whitby, ON

“Paul, thank you so much for all your help in selling our house and finding us another dream home. We love our new house and will definitely recommend Paul Cooper to our friends, family and neighbours when they need real estate assistance.”
Dawn Landry
Whitby, ON

“Thank you Paul for making our move so easy. Your experience and area expertise got quick results. We were very impressed with the service and follow up after we sold. We will use you again if we ever move. In the meantime, we give your cards out to friends and family who need your help.”
Carla & Colin Lawrence
Oshawa, ON

“We talked to several agents, but Paul was the only one who had programs for buyers and sellers with the experience to back it all up. Thanks for a job well done.”
Allison Tyrell
Whitby, ON

“Paul asked us exactly what we were looking for and then showed us several homes. We found our dream home right away and he negotiated a great price as well. We would definitely recommend Paul Cooper”.
Sundarum & Vimala Iyer
Whitby, ON

“Paul sold our home very fast and helped us get a great price. Now we know why he has a good reputation. We will definitely recommend him to friends and family”.
Scott & Linda Siriska
Whitby, ON

“We interviewed several agents before listing our house. Paul had a detailed plan to help us get top dollar for our house. He also had a plan to help us find our new house. The whole thing went very smoothly. We’ve moved in the past but this was by far our most enjoyable and stress-free move.”
Eric & Helen Gianatselis
Whitby, ON

“Great service! Paul always called us back quickly and answered all of our questions. He made the whole process easier and less stressful. Having an experienced professional helping you really makes a difference! We’ll call Paul again for our next move.”
Joseph & Kim Mathieu
Ajax, ON

“Our house sold for close to full price. The whole process was easy and enjoyable and I would highly recommend Paul Cooper.”
Jeff Sandercock
Oshawa, ON

“Paul helped us find our new home. He didn’t waste our time showing us houses we didn’t want to see. He worked to our schedule and also negotiated a great price for us. I would highly recommend Paul Cooper to help find a home.”
Jim & Barb O’Rell
Whitby, ON

“We kept seeing Paul Coopers’ signs around the neighbourhood so we decided to call him. He had a plan to get us top price for our house. He did everything he promised and always called us back right away whenever we had a question. We’ll call him back when it’s time to move again.”
Nicole & Shane Butcher

“Paul Cooper helped us buy a home and sell our old one. He had a plan for buying and a plan for selling. Now we know why he has such a good reputation. If you call him, you won’t be disappointed.”
Jon & Lisa Crawford
Whitby, ON

“Paul Cooper is successful. He has experience and credibility. He marketed our property correctly and we sold quickly for the asking price. Paul gets teh job done. We will use his services again and intend to recommend him to anyone who is planning to move.”
Cheryl Mach
Ajax, ON

“We appreciated Paul’s honesty and dedication. He worked hard and sold our home in a short period of time for top dollars.”
Fay & Rhonda Ramji
Whitby, ON

“We felt so comfortable and at ease with Paul Cooper. His enthusiasm and hardwork sold our home for a great price in a short period of time. He was there for us every step of the way. We are glad Paul Cooper was our agent. We will refer his work whenever possible.”
Gill Gerelus
Whitby, ON

“Paul developed a strong one on one bond with us from the beginning of the listing of our home. He always returned calls promptly and gave us truthful feedback on our showings. His professionalism and knowledge sold our home in a short period of time for a great price. We will use Paul’s services again and recommend him to others.”
Abdul & Elaina Saad
Whitby, ON

“For prompt, efficient and professional service, don’t look any further. Paul Cooper will put his experience to work for you and get quick results.”
Ralph Brough
Whitby, ON

“Selling our home was stressful for our family. With young children it was difficult to keep our house neat. Luckily, Paul was there for us and made the home selling process much easier. His confident manner relieved a lot of the stress. We will tell others about him.”
Angela & Garnet James
Whitby, ON

“If everyone thinking about listing their home had the opportunity of choosing Paul Cooper as their Realtor there would be a lot more satisfied sellers out there. What a difference a professional makes. Thanks, Paul.”
Tim & Cathy Green
Whitby, ON

“Paul has been promoting himself in our area for quite a while. We called him for an evaluation and during the meeting he answered all our concerns in a professional manner. He was very confident about the market and the worth of our home. When we decided to list we called a few agents to show us their skills and plans. Paul stood out amongst the rest. During the selling process, Paul was constatnly in touch and we sold quickly. His services never stopped and we moved without a hitch. You can’t go wrong with Paul Cooper as your Realtor.”
Mike Brady & Martha Ramsey
Whitby, ON